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HKMK Law Corporation provides private business law and public law regulatory services – with an emphasis on Education, Business and Workplace Law.

We are external service providers that work regularly as part of the client’s management team.

We provide traditional legal services focused on specific client projects and we use new business models, multi-disciplinary and professional collaboration, leading technologies and training programs to provide effective and affordable services.

2050 Knowledge Corporation | Training, Information and Technology

We work with 2050 Knowledge Corporation to ensure that legal service consumers can affordably and effectively access quality legal services and develop the legal knowledge they need to progress and prosper.

2050 Knowledge Corporation helps business firms, social enterprises, governments and individuals thrive in the global knowledge economy during a time of rapid change and innovation in education and training sectors, workplaces, enterprises and governments.

It provides training services, access to training and professional networks, blogs, newsletters and issues management services.

HKMK Law Corporation does not directly provide online digital signature or document management technology services on a sub-licensing basis. Clients now contract for (license) these services directly with software providers.

It also does not directly provide standard form or custom document precedents for client use in technology portals because we cannot control what clients do with that precedent. We only take responsibility when we control the complete drafting of the contract under a specific client retainer agreement. These precedents may be provided via training offered by 2050 Knowledge Corporation.

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Education, Business & Workplace Law

Contract Development, Compliance & Management (Contract Parties)
Document Precedents
Law Reform | Related Training and Dialogue Services
Public Law Regulation (Government & Regulated Party)
Regulatory Enforcement & Compliance | Process & Project Management

Regulatory Beset Practices (Government & Regulated Party)
Administrative Law & Regulator Accountability

Education Sector Contracts & Regulation

We focus on education because the sector, in all its forms, is the foundation of success for all persons and sectors and now a huge economic generator in its own right. It is also a sector undergoing intense and positive disruptive innovation.

International Education Law and Management
Student Immigration Services | For Students and Institutions

Education Marketing Law
Education Regulation | Accreditation | Compliance & Enforcement

Student Enrollment Contracts | Letters of Acceptance

Instructor and Other Factor Input Supply Contracts
Articulation, Credit Transfer Contracts

Recruitment, Referral Contracts (Term “Agents” Avoided)

Student Finance – Loan Contracts – Institution Designation

Education & Workplace Liaison
Sector Collaboration Contracts

Workplace Contracts and Regulation

We focus on the workplace because nothing gets done anywhere without the service work of people.

Business workplaces involve owner-shareholders, managers, employees or external service providers and collaborators working in or outside the firm and within, across or outside political borders. That mobility requires national and international education, workplace and professional standards.

All Sector Employment Contract
All Sector Independent Service Contract
Workplace Service Evaluations (Provider & Manager)
Outsourcing Contracts
Agency and Distributorship Management
Franchise and Licensing Management
Shareholder Contracts
Joint Venture, Parnership and Collaboration Contracts
Non-Statutory Designations
Professions Regulation & Management

Business Contracts & Regulation

We focus on domestic and international business because most people depend on or drive enterprises – their own or those of others – locally and globally. International markets are no longer the sole domain of larger enterprises.

Service Level Contracts
Shareholder and Joint Venture Contracts
Affiliation, Alliance, Partnership and Associate Contracts
International Business and Trade Law | NAFTA & Other Trade Agreement Services
Intellectual Property Contracts
Personal Information and Privacy Management
Other Contracts (Agreements) Available